Eden of Art is the right company to know, learn and train your skills. Our vision is clear ‘to live the art that lies within each of us’, it follows that we specialise in providing basic knowledge for each artistic field, to develop it through training and coaching. On a practical level, we can provide lessons on hip-hop culture, accompany artists in writing, and coach performance components (stage keeping).

In addition to focusing on the individual artist, we also cater for groups interested in delving into a given artistic side and for companies wishing to grow as a team by exploiting art through dedicated programmes (teambuilding). An example of an offer could be the better understanding of the competences of colleagues in heterogeneous teams, which could be approached by creating a piece per anology and then redistributing the artistic tasks to reflect on collaboration.

We also exploit the digital transformation to enable distance learning, without neglecting the closer approach because we are convinced that every modality makes sense and therefore we want to make it available. Furthermore, we are forerunners of artificial intelligence that we want to make available as a vehicle to simplify the production of artwork.

Have we sparked your interest? Write to us at patrick@edenofart.com.