Develop, produce, promote!

Eden of Art was born as a company with the aim of providing the toolbox for the artist who lives in each of us.

The company aims to support artists in the development of skills, acting as inspiration and providing services aimed at growth in the most untangled disciplines of theoretical and applied art. The management focuses its attention on giving everyone the opportunity to recognize their potential and then express it while having fun (meetings, workshops, ateliers, musical events, ...). Eden of Art pays particular attention to young people in order to give them access to modern music, in a simple and pragmatic way, so that in a few hours they can start their own individual and personalized journey. The musical field remains the most popular, even though cinema also has room for expansion in Eden.

The ideas of potential artists already routed and in part also established find in Eden of Art the perfect place to buy useful material to give music to their words, thus allowing texts to become musical works through the aid of beats and post production works. The company's management has good experience in hip hop disciplines and therefore facilitates the creation and promotion of rap songs.

Patrick Fresca's company does not limit itself to recognizing skills, developing them and supporting artists in making audiovisual productions, but also concentrates its efforts on financial support for artistic projects of all kinds, through edition contracts or specific promotions.

The edenofart.com portal is therefore the corner where you can develop your artistic dreams, produce pushing yourself to the limits and obtain facilities to promote art. In the sections of the site, material is available especially for the part dedicated to the creation of musical works (beats, post production, and promotion).

The management of Eden of Art is open to any type of dialogue in the artistic field, according to the principle "experience the art in you", therefore use the contact form to access the serviceĀ https://www.edenofart.com/contact -us/ it's almost a must!

Patrick Fresca
CEO of Eden Of Art